Delivery Notifications: Aeropay QR Code to Pay For Cannabis Delivery Near Me Adult Use Medical
Please keep an eye on your phone around delivery time. We usually notify you in advance, and when we arrive. 

Taking Delivery:
Due to safety and logistical issues, our drivers are adviced to stay in/near the vehicle and required to not leave any orders unattended. We will always try to accomodate special circumstances, but we do appreciate you meeting us at the curb if possible.

Please Have Your ID Ready
We'll need to verify your ID. 

Payment Methods:
We currently accept cash, most debit cards with a chip (using a card reader), Venmo, Apple Cash, and ACH using Aeropay.

Let us know if you'll need us to make change to your order, we'll be happy to arrange it.

Adult-use and medical Cannabis near me made easy - Buds Out is a City of Oakland social equity verified company delivering to the East Bay Area.